Wholesale to the Trades!
Contractors' Edge of Pennsylvania (CEofPA) is a company of individuals working together with a belief in the American Dream. We have targeted areas where we can excel while benefiting local businesses. We define success as a situation in which you, your customer, and us, all end in a better state than which we started. Hard work should build great things.
From personal experience, the owner and founder of CEofPA is aware of the costs and loss of productivity that occur as a result of sending personnel and equipment out of the area to procure supplies. When a suitable property became available, our founder acquired and began to cultivate the premises. He molded this property into a business that can quickly and skillfully supply outdoor contractors in Quakertown and its surrounding areas.
CEofPA carries those items that are hard to find locally for outdoor contractors. If you work in Lawn and Tree Care we carry the chemicals that promote full and lush growth, while also stocking pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides to protect that beautiful greenery from being spoiled by nature's wilds. Equipment for dispensing these products is also available. The arborist can find all the climbing gear and cutting tools he needs to quickly get back to action, and plenty of gear to upgrade his work to the next level. In our store masons have access to block, mixes, tools, and rebar, with which he can make homeowners' dreams a reality. We attempt to carry hard to find items next to your more regular supplies, saving you time by limiting the need for additional stops on your item run.
Besides being local and having items you can't seem to find anywhere else, we offer another great benefit to the outdoor tradesman. Register with us and you will receive a Contractor's Discount to our already competitive prices. Applications are available to apply for a house credit account as well, making morning pick ups go even smoother, getting you and your crew to where the money is being made.
So stop in before you start your day. Grab a coffee with us while you get all your materials. Line up projects you have on the horizon with us so you can price them out to your benefit. Your crew can buy a couple of Monster Energy Drinks here so they have their mid day boost handy. We look forward to doing business with you.